How to get rid of the smell of gasoline at home, TOP 20 best remedies

Even if there are no clear stains on the surface, getting rid of the smell of gasoline is much more difficult. It is deeply absorbed and lasts a long time on soft materials, in particular, on clothing and car upholstery. To neutralize the aroma, you need to choose the right and at the same time method. It is important to understand that you will not be able to quickly get rid of the problem; first you need to wash the stains and then air them out.

Do not immediately throw gasoline-soaked items into the washing machine. This will cause the smell to spread throughout the entire device, making it difficult to remove.

What not to do

Gasoline belongs to the category of organic compounds and has a strong, persistent odor. The density of gasoline is 0.71 grams per centimeter³, which determines the boiling and freezing point of the substance. Physico-chemical characteristics are the basis of the rules that must be followed when handling things stained with gasoline.

Chlorine bleach

"Whiteness" is a disinfectant and cleaning agent that helps remove numerous stains from clothing or furniture. The main active ingredient of the composition is sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine bleach has a distinct, strong odor. Excessive inhalation of vapors causes toxin poisoning. If you apply chlorine bleach to a gasoline stain, an odor mixing reaction will follow. Volatile vapors can cause severe poisoning from the particles resulting from the reaction. This rule applies to any chlorine-containing bleach.

Washing machine

Sometimes motorists, in an attempt to rid clothes of the persistent gasoline smell, load things into the drum of a washing machine and turn on the high-temperature wash cycle. This is mistake. The gasoline smell spreads throughout the drum of the washing machine, and in the future, laundry washed after this load will have a persistent gasoline aroma.

Hot water

Soaking in hot water increases the smell of a gasoline stain on any item. Synthetic items will smell especially strongly.

Causes of the smell of gasoline

Car manufacturers are constantly introducing new developments that increase the level of comfort and coziness in the cabin. Spending a long time in a car that smells of fuel can cause poisoning. The smell of gasoline affects coordination of movements, irritates the nasal mucosa, and causes headaches. Therefore, it is important to detect and eliminate the source of evaporation.

Secondary odors in the car interior appear when the tank fastenings are loosened. In this case, the walls of the fuel tank touch the car body and as a result of friction, holes are formed through which fuel leaks.

A common reason for gasoline fumes entering the cabin is a broken thread on the fuel tank cap. To eliminate the cause of the smell, you should check the serviceability of the fuel hoses. Fuel leakage can result from cracking and breaking of pipes, incorrect pump operation, or damage to the internal membrane.

The smell of petroleum products in the cabin appears when the filters installed on the carburetor wear out. As a result of a violation of the portion supply of the combustible mixture, its incomplete combustion occurs.

How to get rid of it at home

At home, you can get rid of the gasoline smell on clothes using improvised means. First you need to assess the area of ​​the stain left after interaction with gasoline and select the appropriate method.


Washing clothes outside the washing machine is a common method that has its advantages and disadvantages. For washing take:

  • pelvis;
  • water;
  • washing powder.

Hand washing will remove the odor, although it will require a long soak. After washing, long-term air drying with simultaneous ventilation is necessary. This method is not effective for large stains or strong odors.

Reference! For washing, it is recommended to select special washing powders for colored laundry or concentrated capsules.


A suitable method if things have a slight odor. The method does not require additional costs and is available at any time. It is ineffective if the item smells strongly. Clothes that smell of gasoline are hung on an outdoor dryer and left for a day.

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Information! Ventilation in cold weather is more effective than ventilation at high air temperatures.

Dish detergent, salt, water

A home method for getting rid of unpleasant odor on clothes includes the following steps:

  1. First, cover the stain with salt. Salt absorbs odors and absorbs oily particles.
  2. Then they are actively wiped with a saline solution with the addition of warm water. To do this, add hot water to the salt and vigorously wipe the stain with a sponge.
  3. The next step is soaking and washing using any dishwashing detergent.

The detergent helps remove stains and odors. The technique is ineffective for difficult stains and old dirt.

Information! Experts advise covering stains with salt immediately after discovering a stain, and starting treatment a few hours later.

Thermal method

The gasoline smell can be eliminated if stains that have been washed in advance are treated with a steam generator or heated with an iron. To do this, place the damp item on a board or stand and iron it for 5-7 minutes on each side. The mechanism of action is that steam heating provokes active evaporation of volatile compounds.


Starch absorbs odors, so you can use it to remove the staleness of gasoline. Powder is poured onto the stain and left for 2 hours. After this, they wash the item by hand. This method is suitable for small stains.

Soda ash

A solution is prepared from soda and water, the items are soaked for 3 hours, then the process of hand washing is repeated using conditioner. This method is only suitable for lightly soiled items.


Ammonia helps get rid of any odors and wash away stains, but it can also cause toxic poisoning. After wiping gasoline stains with ammonia, repeat washing at high speeds or hand washing using laundry soap is required.


The powder, which is intended for preparing mustard, is combined with washing powder in equal proportions. This mixture is diluted with water to a mushy state. Rub the mixture onto a gasoline stain. Leave for 3 hours, then wash.

Hand Cleansing Paste

This is a paste that can be purchased at automotive stores. The paste helps remove only fresh odors, but is powerless against ingrained and old ones. The paste is applied to the stain, left for 3 hours, then washed by hand.


Newsprint absorbs odors. To remove gasoline residue, you need to wipe the stain with newspapers, then wrap the item in them and put it in a bag for several days.

Starch, turpentine, ammonia

The use of components is based on the mechanism of odor absorption. Petrol stains are treated with one of the selected products, left for 2 hours, then washed.

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Another way to use the listed ingredients is to prepare a special mixture:

  • starch – 1 tablespoon;
  • ammonia, turpentine - 5 milliliters each.

The prepared mixture is applied to the stain, rubbed with an old toothbrush and left for 2 hours. Then the stain is cleaned again with a toothbrush, soaked and washed in any usual way.

Special means

Manufacturers of household chemicals produce special products that can remove stains and odors after using petroleum products. They contain special components that solve the problem in a short time.


produces products for cleaning and washing. Concentrated Stain Pre-Treatment Spray helps remove stains from clothing. The spray is available in a special bottle with a spray bottle designed for spot application on the stain.

Advantages and disadvantages

effectively dissolves oily stains and removes associated odors;

easy to use;

has a light aroma.

effective only on fresh stains.


produces "Biotrim Mystik Cleansing Powder", which is advertised as a strong odor absorber. The powder is intended for cleaning and cleaning various surfaces, but it can also be used to remove old stains from clothes.

Advantages and disadvantages

shows the result after the first use;

Helps get rid of gasoline residue in 6 hours.

requires long-term aging.

Refrigerator odor remover

A special odor absorber for refrigerators can remove the faint smell of gasoline in a few days. To do this, put the soiled item together with the absorbent device in a plastic bag, tie it tightly and leave it for 3 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

eliminates minor odors;

does not require additional costs.

take a lot of time.

Dishwashing liquid

Gasoline is a chemical oily product. In order to eliminate a gasoline or diesel stain that you found (noticed) on the trunk upholstery or on the carpets (under the carpets) of the car, you can try using dishwashing detergent to remove it. Any dishwashing liquid has a special chemical formula, which ultimately breaks down fats. In addition, almost any dishwashing detergent contains aromatic fragrances, which will also help you eliminate the source of the untidy odor.

For optimal results, pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid onto the gasoline stain and allow the liquid to soak into the stain. Next, all that remains is to rinse this stain (place) with water. Remember, if the stain is large enough, then such contamination must be cleaned in several approaches.

For a car showroom

Engine repairs and periodic malfunctions that require the intervention of auto mechanics lead to a persistent and strong gasoline smell being established in the car interior. There are several ways to eliminate it.


A simple trick that will help remove memories of gasoline is ventilation. It helps only when the owners have the opportunity to leave the salon open for a day away from industrial facilities and roads.


Using coffee beans is an ancient aromatic method. Calcined coffee beans cover up the unpleasant gasoline fumes with their aroma. The grains are poured into a special container and placed on a stand inside the car. The disadvantage of this method is that after the coffee aroma wears off, the smell of gasoline begins to appear again.


Baking soda, as an absorber and solvent for oil stains, can remove small gasoline stains. Powder is applied to the problem area, left for 24 hours, then washed off with warm water.

Dish detergent

Use detergent to wipe stains on textile upholstery. The product is actively foamed with a sponge, then actively washed off with warm water.

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Vinegar is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2. The car interior is treated with this solution, then ventilated for 12 hours.

Information! You can only treat the interior with vinegar while wearing protective gloves and a face mask.


Citrus has a strong, recognizable aroma and also acts as an absorbent. The lemon is cut into several parts, and gasoline stains are wiped with the pulp. After treating with lemon, the car interior is washed using conventional detergents.


The crumb of fresh bread can be used to wipe fresh small stains to remove oiliness and odor. This method is suitable for removing small area contaminants.

Special cases

Gasoline is stable, so the smell is absorbed not only by clothes or furniture, but also by household appliances and objects. Containers in which gasoline has been stored for a long time are especially affected by this.

Automatic machine

After washing dirty clothes, the smell of gasoline remains in the drum of the washing machine. It is removed using empty machine runs. For the first run, soda is poured into the washing powder compartment. The second and third runs are done empty, with cold water.

Reference! The washing temperature for an empty run should be no more than 30 degrees.


Containers in which gasoline was poured quickly absorb its smell. Various methods are used for removal:

  1. Detergent. “Fairy” is poured into the bottom of the canister, then the canister is filled with hot water, closed with a lid, and shaken. To wash away traces of detergent, you will need 6-8 rinses of the canister with warm water.
  2. Lemon juice, citric acid. The juice or acid is diluted with hot water and poured into a canister, left for 1 hour, then rinsed.

Interior dry cleaning

Chemical cleaning of interior elements is the most effective method to get rid of the smell of gasoline in the cabin. The procedure is performed in a specialized center, since this requires the use of not only special equipment, but also additional chemicals. Dry cleaning is guaranteed to get rid of the most persistent odors and heavy dirt on the surfaces of interior elements.

As a rule, such cleaning is carried out in several stages. So, at the beginning, do the usual cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Next, a special disinfectant is applied to the surface of the interior elements, followed by an active cleaning foam. Then all this is removed, and at the same time the interior is cleaned. At the final stage, drying is carried out, and plastic polishes are used to restore the original appearance of the plastic parts of the interior.

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