Top 20 best car interior dry cleaning products for 2022

Car owners who take care of their cars periodically use the dry cleaning services of a car dealership. Dry cleaning services are offered by car centers, service centers, and car washes. Dry cleaning involves a set of procedures for deep cleaning the interior of various contaminants, stubborn stains, dirt, germs, and unpleasant odors.

When dry cleaning, various treatment agents, stain removers, and specialized washing equipment are used. On average, a good cleaning takes up to 6 hours.

What you need to know about interior dry cleaning

Unambiguously answer the question “Which method and cleaner should I choose for dirty car upholstery?” impossible. Therefore, specialists have to take into account a lot of parameters:

  • degree of pollution;
  • material;
  • the nature of the stains and more.

Based on a set of stated factors, the most suitable remedy in each specific situation is determined. But the cleaning methods themselves are not very diverse.

They are divided mainly into two groups:

  • wet;
  • dry.

The first option requires special equipment for applying cleaning compounds. It is important that the upholstery material has medium or low absorbency. Otherwise, auto chemicals simply will not be able to break down the pollution. The algorithm of actions for the wet cleaning method can be presented in the form of the following steps:

  • distribution of the product over the surface through special equipment;
  • waiting for the period specified in the instructions;
  • removing dried composition using a vacuum cleaner;
  • airing the car.

Important! This kind of dry cleaning is quite popular, but it causes condensation and is not suitable for some surfaces (ceiling upholstery, for example, sags under the weight of the product).

Dry cleaning is faster and more convenient. The product is easy to apply and removes in a few minutes. Immediately after the procedure, the driver can get into the car and go about his business.

When choosing a dry cleaning product for the car interior, you need to rely on expert recommendations:

  1. Consider the upholstery material. Fabric absorbs foam and aerosols well, but leather and its analogues need specialized products with an additional protective effect.
  2. Keep a universal remedy on hand. Fresh stains are much easier to remove than old ones. Therefore, even a cheap universal product will give 100% results if applied immediately after the surface has been contaminated.
  3. Don't trust commercials. Every brand is interested in promoting its products and its cost in 80% of cases is significantly overestimated. This means that before purchasing an advertised product, you should study real customer reviews.

Important! Most budget and expensive formulations have almost identical formulas. But the latter are distinguished by the presence of fragrances and more presentable packaging.

Reasons why interior cleaning may be necessary

General cleaning of a car affects not only the carpet and seats, but also the ceiling, doors, dashboard, and plastic parts. Such careful care may be required in the following cases:

  1. Restoring the appearance of the interior. Even if it seems to you that the car is clean, but you haven’t dry-cleaned it for a long time, then after the procedure you will be surprised at how fresh it is in the cabin.
  2. For disinfection. Steam treatment helps prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, molds, and dust mites.
  3. To combat unpleasant odors. Professional cleaning of the car dealership will help get rid of the aroma of tobacco, debris, and accumulated moisture. If the smell is associated with technical malfunctions, you need to contact a service station.
  4. To protect electrical wiring and air conditioning. Contamination on wires and mechanisms can damage important systems.
  5. To increase the market value of vehicles. The cleaner the interior, the more attractive the car is to potential buyers.

Types of cleaning chemicals for car interiors

The classification of cleaning products is extensive. First of all, they are divided into groups according to surface type:

  • fabric - products included in this category cope with almost all types of dirt, but require additional cleaning after the end of the chemical reaction;
  • leather and leatherette - specialized products with caring components;
  • plastic - auto chemicals of this type do not contain aggressive substances;
  • universal - suitable for quickly removing fresh stains, but you should use them strictly according to the instructions (otherwise there is a high probability of damaging the upholstery).

Depending on the application method, dry and wet types are distinguished.

Cleaning chemicals are also classified according to release forms:

  • aerosols and sprays are a convenient form in which you can find products for any material;
  • foam - requires special equipment and is used mainly for fabrics;
  • concentrates - economical formulations diluted with water before application;
  • liquids are a simple option that is inexpensive, but requires subsequent drying of the interior.

How to prepare to clean the car interior yourself?

In order for the car interior to look clean and updated after cleaning, you need to prepare for the procedure. Basic recommendations:

  • work in special clothing and household gloves to protect your skin from aggressive drugs;
  • purchase a respirator that will prevent harmful fumes from entering the body;
  • turn off the car and remove the key from the ignition to eliminate the possibility of a short circuit;
  • unload the interior, remove unnecessary things, take everything out of the glove compartment and trunk, get rid of large debris;
  • For more thorough cleaning, you can dismantle the chairs.

Popular manufacturers of auto cleaning chemicals

Cleaning the ceiling or car seats should not be accompanied by doubts about the results and safety of the product. And this is only possible in one case - when purchasing products from trusted manufacturers.

The most popular brands are listed below:

  1. Soft99 Corporation . The famous Japanese company was created in the middle of the last century. It quickly became a leader thanks to the high quality of its products and its unprecedented safety.
  2. Grass . A relatively new brand that emerged about 17 years ago. Despite such a “young age”, it produces a wide range of products, which includes car cosmetics and various detergents.
  3. Poly Car Care . All auto chemicals of this brand are of the highest quality. The manufacturer provides a guarantee for each item, so customers will not have to worry about the safety of their interior.
  4. A.C.G. German production technologies allow us to create innovative products in the widest range.
  5. Turtle Wax . The American company, founded in the 40s of the last century, is well known in the Russian and European markets. Among the products of this brand, polishes and cleaning products are in great demand.
  6. " Autopro ". The company became known to Russian buyers about 14 years ago. It has won over its consumers with unique developments that take into account the climate and car brands. Thanks to this approach, any product is effective and safe.
  7. Auto Doctor . A widespread Chinese brand offers cheap and high-quality products from the categories “autochemicals” and “autocosmetics”. They are economical and consistently give good results, which is why they are preferred by up to 40% of buyers.

What to use for dry cleaning a car dealership?

The interior of a car contains different types of materials that can become dirty in different ways. Therefore, it is not surprising that manufacturers offer a large range of “special” cleaning products designed for each element of the car dealership.

Choosing a dry cleaning product

Table. Popular auto chemicals for interior cleaning.

NameShort description
Profoam (3000 and 4000)These products are designed to treat fabric surfaces.
AutosolA deep-cleaner that can be used to treat leather/eco-leather parts.
GRASSThis is a universal cleaner that effectively removes stubborn stains.
Auto MagicA popular leather conditioner that effectively cleanses it without leaving any greasy residue.
Hi-GearAnother leather cleaner, it differs in that it not only cleans, but also restores the material.
Profoam 2000This is a specialized cleaner intended for processing eco-leather.
Hi-GearEffectively removes stains on Alcantara upholstery.

Today, the Russian market offers products from many leading companies.
But note that there are also universal (multi-purpose) cleaners (for example, Meguiar's) that can clean almost all materials. They can successfully replace most special products. Thus, Meguiar's can be purchased in specialized stores; this product, characterized by good foaming, contains many useful additives, including fabric softeners. It is diluted with water in different proportions depending on the material and type of contamination (all information is indicated on the packaging).

Meguiar's universal cleaner can wash any material

Note! Most of the interior parts can be washed using warm water and a microfiber cloth (the latter should be well wrung out at all times). The unique properties of high-quality microfiber allow it to absorb and retain large volumes of dirt without leaving streaks or damaging surfaces.

Most surfaces can be washed with microfiber.
If the contamination is serious, you can add one of the cleaners listed above, or an all-purpose cleaner diluted with water in the correct proportions. We also note that cheap compounds, of course, will not cope with all stains, but premium products can even remove wine, ink, marker, etc.

Foam carpet and upholstery cleaner GUNK

The best products for car leather interior care

Leather is a very durable and stain-resistant material. But it also needs periodic dry cleaning.


Leather interior cleaner and conditioner
Chinese aerosol composition is very popular due to its reliability, affordable price and safety. It effectively cleans leather interior and also:

  • restores elasticity;
  • fills cracks;
  • softens.

It includes:

  • Surfactants;
  • wax;
  • natural oils.

The product is applied to the surface and after a certain time is removed along with the dirt with a clean lint-free cloth.


  • powerful restorative effect;
  • availability;
  • large volume (400 ml).


  • not suitable for suede and nubuck;
  • does not wash off completely (the film remains for several days after dry cleaning).

The average price is 400 rubles.

An aerosol for cleaning the leather interior of a car receives a lot of positive reviews. It is often used as a first aid solution when dirt gets on the upholstery.

Lavr LN1471-L

Leather conditioner Lavr A
Russian-made restorative composition that acts quickly and has a protective effect. It is applied from a can directly onto the upholstery and does not require rinsing. On average, a chemical reaction lasts about 3 minutes.


  • Surfactants;
  • polyhydric alcohol;
  • acids;
  • purified water.

LN1471-L can be used on dry or damp skin.


  • careful care;
  • softening;
  • adding shine;
  • the presence of a caring conditioner.


  • often requires reapplication;
  • small volume (185 ml).

The price of the bottle is 250 rubles.

Buyers willingly leave reviews about the product. They note its effectiveness, but consider it expensive.

Soft99 Luxury Leather Cleaner&Conditioner

Leather conditioner Soft99
Effective composition with conditioning properties. It is great for all leather types except suede. It can also be used on skin substitutes.

The product dissolves dirt and cares for upholstery, thanks to the presence of unique natural carnauba wax in the product. Luxury Leather Cleaner&Conditioner does not work very quickly - after application it can be removed with a dry sponge or cloth only after 30-40 minutes.


  • natural composition;
  • efficiency;
  • convenient sprayer.


  • long reaction;
  • high price (from 1000 rubles).
  • not available in all stores.

Buyers have no complaints about the quality of the product, but the price forces them to look for analogues in the budget segment. Therefore, despite its effectiveness, Soft99 has few fans.

Doctor Wax Protectant DW5244

Cleaner for leather interior Doctor Wax DW5244
A very worthy option for those who care about their leather interior. The American product has excellent cleaning properties and is gentle on the most capricious upholstery.

The cleaning composition works on all types of leather, including embossed and grooved. The formula includes:

  • Surfactants;
  • caring oils;
  • polymers.

Doctor Wax is applied to the surface and after a minute is removed with a regular napkin.


  • skin restoration effect;
  • convenient measuring cap;
  • strengthening patent leather;
  • no traces when it hits the dashboard.


  • high price (about 500 rubles per bottle);
  • reaction time does not match that indicated on the package.

Buyers note that the product has a pleasant smell and protects the upholstery from UV rays.

LIQUI MOLY Racing Leder-Kombi-Pflege

Skin lotion LIQUI MOLY Racing Leder-Pflege
Cleaner from a German brand is quality, efficiency and ease of use. Therefore, it is in great demand among car enthusiasts. It can be applied in two ways:

  • directly onto the skin;
  • onto a napkin and then rub into the upholstery.

Racing Leder-Kombi-Pflege is a completely natural product. It is based on beeswax, which cares for natural leather. After dry cleaning she acquires:

  • shine;
  • softness.

Externally, the interior looks updated and receives protective properties.


  • resistance to fading and aging;
  • efficiency;
  • nice smell;
  • Suitable for preventative cleaning.


  • does not perform very well on textured skin;
  • not suitable for suede;
  • The integrated dispenser often breaks down.

One package of the product costs about 1000 rubles.

Users actively recommend the composition to other car enthusiasts. In the reviews they write that they have been using the cleaner for many years and are not ready to change it to another.

What auto chemical products in Ukraine will best clean the interior leather?

The Ukrainian market of automotive chemicals and cosmetics offers a huge selection of various products from manufacturers of numerous brands. But sometimes products that promise to cleanse the skin fail to cope with this task. After the test drives, we selected the five most effective ones and arranged them in ascending order of cost:

  • RunWay is a foam cleaner for car dealership leather that costs only 85 UAH per bottle. Despite the low cost, it gives a noticeable effect from the first time.
  • Another Hi Gear . This brand is slightly more expensive – 240 UAH. Apply the foam to the area, wait a few minutes, and clean with a microfiber cloth. It cleans well even folds and cracks in the skin.
  • Mehrzweckreiniger cleaner without washout. Sold in liter bottles, average price is 340 UAH. Suitable for both leather and plastic surfaces. Effective removal of contaminants not only on the skin, but also on plastic elements of the interior.
  • Meguiars , cleanser-conditioner with an average price of 390 UAH. Suitable even on very dirty surfaces, but the final effect will be achieved after the second application. Easy to use - spread generously over the surface and remove any residue with a soft cloth.
  • And finally, the most expensive in the line of cleaning products: Protect Leather Care . A bottle of 0.5 at a price of 714 hryvnia. This is a water-oil emulsion that can not only clean, but also create a protective film on the surface of the leather interior.

You can purchase the described auto chemical products in online stores in Ukraine, from where they will be delivered to your address. For example, you can consider the following online shops:


Note! It is not necessary to purchase expensive auto chemicals; in the line of leather cleansers you can find effective products at an affordable price.

The best all-purpose cleaners

Universal compositions are an “ambulance” for any salon. They will quickly remove fresh stains and renew the upholstery, giving it a pleasant aroma. But you need to be very careful when using such products for complex dry cleaning, as they can be dangerous for certain types of materials.


Universal cleaner ABRO FC-577
Foam cleaner is very active and copes with all types of contaminants. It can be used on fabric coverings, vinyl, rubber, nickel-plated surfaces and more.

The formula includes:

  • isopropanol;
  • butoxyethanol;
  • butane;
  • propane;
  • anionic surfactants.

The product is easy to use - after shaking the can, the foam is applied to the stain and after 40 seconds it is removed along with the dirt with a dry cloth. If necessary, the cleaner can be gently rubbed with a brush.


  • copes even with stubborn dirt;
  • suitable for home cleaning;
  • penetrates deeply into the structure of the material.

The main disadvantage of the composition is its high degree of aggressiveness. It can cause an allergic reaction and damage the delicate skin of your hands.

In stores, a bottle of the product sells for 600-700 rubles.

Many customers have been using ABRO FC-577 for more than 10 years. And they note that he never let them down. But it is recommended to wear gloves on your hands while cleaning.

GraSS Universal Cleaner

Interior cleaner GraSS Universal Cleaner
An excellent cleaner that is suitable for all types of upholstery, except natural leather. It is poured into containers with a sprayer and is considered very economical.

The product effectively pushes dirt out from deep within the upholstery material. It also has good cleaning properties, so it is also used for glass.

Among the components are:

  • Surfactants;
  • flavorings;
  • complexing agents.

The composition must be diluted with water and applied through a sprayer or using special equipment.


  • affordability;
  • prevalence;
  • fast action.


  • inability to use on skin;
  • dependence of efficiency on the type of pollution.

The cost of packaging is about 300 rubles.

Overall the cast is receiving good reviews. But buyers notice the need to strictly follow the instructions - with the slightest failure to comply with the concentration, the effect is reduced significantly.

Bullsone Multi Purpose Cleaner

Spray for car interior Bullsone Multi Purpose Cleaner
A multifunctional product in the form of a spray belongs to the budget segment. It is affordable and quite effective.

The composition cleans any surfaces and neutralizes unpleasant odors. The list of active components includes:

  • Surfactants;
  • antibacterial substances;
  • flavorings.

It is permissible to spray the product directly onto the surface. It does not require rinsing with water and works within 20 seconds.


  • antibacterial effect;
  • ease of use;
  • convenient packaging (0.5 l);
  • does not burn;
  • increases resistance to rust formation;
  • color restoration.


  • not the best sprayer;
  • leaks when closed.

A package of the cleaner costs about 300 rubles.

Users respond positively to the product. They buy it mainly to quickly remove stains from their car.

STP Tuff Stuff 81500RS

Foam cleaner STP Tuff Stuff 81500RS
The foam version from a well-known manufacturer from the UK is well known to motorists. It is intended for fabric surfaces, including carpeting.

The foam has a dense structure and does not spread. Thanks to this, it can be used to easily clean the ceiling in the cabin. The components of the product have the ability to destroy molecular bonds inside the stain and remove dirt out.

The manufacturer does not disclose the formula of the product. Therefore, only surfactants and flavors are indicated on the packaging.

The foam is applied directly to the surface to be cleaned. Fresh stains are removed in 30 seconds; for old stains you need to wait longer - about a minute. In particularly difficult cases, re-application of the cleaner will be required.


  • high efficiency;
  • ease of use;
  • leaves no streaks.


  • Strong smell;
  • uneconomical.

The cylinder costs about 400 rubles.

Car owners consider the product one of the best in the segment. They often purchase it for cleaning the house. But many people write in the comments that once it is absorbed, it is extremely difficult to wash the cleaner out of the upholstery.

Kangaroo Profoam 3000

Interior cleaner Kangaroo Profoam 3000
A unique product that has no competitors. It is widely distributed in stores and does not cause any difficulties in operation.

The product can be used on any surface except leather (natural and artificial). When applied, it quickly breaks down dirt deposits and makes them easy to wipe off with a napkin.

The active components include:

  • water;
  • surfactants;
  • 2-butoxyethanol;
  • flavoring

Profoam 3000 is sprayed onto the surface and rubbed in thoroughly for 30 seconds. Afterwards, you need to let the product absorb and rinse off with water.


  • high efficiency;
  • relevance for household chores;
  • update;
  • color restoration.

The product has one drawback - it has a strong unpleasant odor.

The cost of a 0.6 liter bottle is 400-500 rubles.

Buyers consider Kangaroo Profoam to be optimal in terms of price and quality. They recommend it for various purposes, but users always specify the need to protect their hands with rubber gloves.

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning your entire car

Do-it-yourself dry cleaning of the car interior consists of the following steps:

  1. We start from the ceiling using a dry cleaner. Apply foam to the entire surface, and after a few minutes remove with a damp cloth. Wipe the headliner in one direction only. Do not use water as the coating may sag.
  2. To clean the seats, use wet cleaning products or foam aerosols. The sequence of actions is similar.
  3. Before treating the doors and control panel, wipe the glass with a soapy solution so that the chemicals do not damage them. After this, treat the coating with foam.
  4. When processing the control panel, follow safety precautions: clean the buttons with a sponge.
  5. Wipe off the soapy mixture from the glass and wash it with a special product (for tinted glass, ammonia-free liquids are used).
  6. At the end, the floor is cleaned and all coverings are dried.

In general, cleaning a car with your own hands takes about 6 hours.

After cleaning, the interior must be dried for 24 hours with all windows open. To eliminate the “chemical” smell in the cabin, you can use an air freshener. To rid the interior of the suffocating smell of tobacco products, you can use vinegar. It must be poured into a container and left in the car overnight. Activated carbon, placed in the corners of the cabin, absorbs odor well. They absorb coffee odors and fresheners containing green apple well.

Best fabric upholstery cleaners

Fabrics are the most common material for interior decoration. Modern industry produces a lot of interesting options, many of which require special care.

TURTLE WAX 53011 INTERIOR 1 with brush

Professional car interior cleaner TURTLE WAX 53011 INTERIOR 1 with brush
A unique product from an American brand, which is often positioned as professional. It leaves virtually no wet mark and absorbs any odors. Therefore, the aroma of freshness and cleanliness is present in the salon for a long time.

The cleaner acts on all types of contaminants, penetrating into the deepest layers of the material. Its effectiveness is due to the composition of the product, which was developed in the laboratory by the company’s employees. Until now, the formula has not been fully revealed.

Before use, shake the can and then spray the aerosol. Afterwards, the stain is wiped with a brush integrated into the bottle. After 5 minutes, the foam can be wiped off with a dry cloth.


  • fast-acting composition;
  • versatility;
  • drying in the shortest possible time;
  • has a protective and refreshing effect;
  • Suitable for general house cleaning.

Users did not find any downsides to the product. Some note that it is quickly consumed. But up to 95% of buyers trust him with their cars and homes.

The average price for a cylinder is 600 rubles.

LIQUI MOLY Auto-Innenraum-Reiniger

Washing cleaner for car interior LIQUI MOLY Auto-Innenraum-Reiniger
Washing liquid is ideal for gentle and quick cleaning. It copes well with stains of organic origin and is able to remove even stains from two or three years ago.

The product formula includes:

  • water;
  • citric acid monohydrate;
  • sodium.

It is more convenient to spray the product onto a sponge and then rub it into the upholstery. It can be removed without water, but it is important not to allow the composition to dry out - in this case there is a high probability of damage to the material.


  • color restoration;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • suitable for plastic.

The main disadvantage is a decrease in efficiency on high-pile surfaces.

The composition costs about 800 rubles.

Car owners note in the comments that the product is expensive. But taking into account its efficiency, the price is quite acceptable.

SONAX 03212000

Car interior cleaner SONAX 03212000
The German brand has been producing this foam for many years. The almost universal composition copes equally well with stains on fabric and plastic. It has the consistency of foam and has a dirt-repellent effect.

The formula contains no aggressive components, which makes the product extremely safe.

SONAX is applied only to a damp surface using a sponge. Foam is removed with microfiber cloths.


  • effectiveness against all types of pollution;
  • convenient packaging (0.5 l);
  • elimination of unpleasant odors;
  • gentle on upholstery.


  • long chemical reaction;
  • the need to moisten the interior abundantly.

The price of the product reaches 600 rubles.

Users consider it the best option and purchase it mainly for complete dry cleaning of the interior.

Mannol 9931 stain remover for upholstery

Upholstery stain remover Mannol 9931
Foam is positioned by the manufacturer as a stain remover. But buyers usually purchase it for comprehensive dry cleaning.

The product not only effectively removes dirt, but also raises the pile of coatings. Thanks to this, the interior looks fresh and tidy.

The Lithuanian manufacturer hides the composition of the cleaner. The components are not listed on the packaging, so it is not possible to name them.

Mannol 9931 is applied to the stain and, after vigorous rubbing, is left for 2 hours. Afterwards, the surface can be wiped with a dry cloth or vacuumed.


  • color restoration;
  • air freshening;
  • presence of a brush included;
  • protection of fabric from fading.


  • long period of chemical reaction;
  • the need to wash the composition from the upholstery.

A bottle of the product costs 400 rubles.

Users like the product. They indicate that even a very dirty surface becomes perfectly clean after the procedure.

Koch Chemie POL STAR

Professional cleaner Koch Chemie POL STAR
An interesting cleaner that has a comprehensive effect on fabrics - removes stains, renews and protects.

During the cleaning process, the components of the composition push dirt to the surface and at the same time envelop the material. Therefore, it becomes softer and does not allow deep penetration of pollutants during subsequent operation.

The product contains surfactants, alkali and flavorings. It is applied only after preliminary dilution with ordinary water 1 to 7. For uniform distribution over the surface, it is more convenient to use a brush. To enhance the effect, the foam is rubbed and after the time specified in the instructions, it is removed using a vacuum cleaner.


  • efficiency;
  • convenient packaging;
  • efficiency;
  • versatility.


  • damage to the skin of the hands;
  • lack of dispenser.

On average, a bottle costs customers 700-800 rubles . They note in the comments that there are no impossible tasks for the tool.

Seat upholstery

Leather seats or leatherette upholstery are the fastest and easiest to clean. Light dirt can be easily washed off with a simple soap solution. For stubborn stains you will need car chemicals. The main thing is not to use hard brushes, otherwise the upholstery will be damaged.

Apply the cleaner to the seat, wait 5 minutes and rinse off first with a damp sponge, then with a dry microfiber.

Fabric upholstery takes a little longer to clean. To begin with, spray an aerosol on the seat, then rub it into the upholstery with a sponge or brush. Dirt is collected after 3-5 minutes with damp microfiber. The main thing is to rinse the rag as often as possible.

If the fabric is light, you need to clean the entire upholstery. This way there will be no divorces.

You can also clean the upholstery with a washing vacuum cleaner, but the composition will not have time to “take hold” before it is immediately collected. It is also not recommended to use the powder - it is impossible to completely wash it off. But it really ruins the upholstery.

Let's talk separately about stain removal. There is serious dirt that is not difficult to remove even without auto chemicals.

Coffee stains

These stains can be easily removed using regular dishwashing detergent or liquid soap. The main thing is not to rub too hard so as not to damage the upholstery.

If the coffee stain on the seat is old, use the heavy artillery: vinegar and water. Leave the solution for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry. If you apply a cloth soaked in ethyl alcohol to the stain, the stain will come off quickly.

Mud stains

Make sure the stain is completely dry so that the dirt doesn't get smeared when you clean it up. Remove dried dirt with a brush, then use a cleaner. You can also use a special gel to clean your hands from heavy contaminants, such as fuel oil, oils, soot, etc.

Oily stains

Easy to clean with dish soap. If yours doesn’t work, use a mixture of water, ammonia and vinegar. Apply, wait 10 minutes and rinse with water. Dry thoroughly.

Blood stains

To remove a blood stain, wash the stained area with cold water. Once the stain is wet, apply a soap solution and scrub with a brush. Rinse off the solution with warm water. Repeat the procedure if the stain is not washed off.


Fabric and velor covers are easiest to simply wash. If there are stains, wash them with a simple powder and water or stain remover. If the cover has lint, wash it, dry it, and then comb it.

Only covers made of natural or artificial leather should not be washed. They can simply be treated with auto chemicals or the same soap solution.

The best products for dry cleaning of car interiors

Dry cleaning is extremely popular as it allows you to quickly remove stains without over-wetting the interior.


Product for self-dry cleaning of the interior AUTO DOCTOR AD9621
This product can clean any fabric, including velor and carpet. It removes all types of stains, including stubborn stains. But the product is relevant for cleaning small areas.

Formula includes:

  • triethanolamine;
  • Surfactants;
  • anti-corrosion additives.

The cleaner is applied to the contaminated area and, after lightly rubbing in with a brush, is removed with a dry cloth.


  • versatility;
  • prevalence;
  • affordable price (about 250 rubles).


  • does not always succeed the first time;
  • has a pungent odor.

Customers' opinions about the product differ. Some consider it almost universal, while others speak negatively about its low cleaning properties for severe contamination.


Foam for dry cleaning of car interiors TURTLE WAX
An interesting product that removes organic matter and other types of contaminants well. At the same time, it neutralizes unpleasant odors.

When applied, the cleaner quickly reacts with dirt and pushes it out to the surface. In this case, there is no need to additionally wet the surface, and it dries in the shortest possible time.

Among the main components are:

  • anionic surfactants;
  • phosphates;
  • flavorings.


  • safe for hands;
  • acts quickly;
  • does not require prolonged rubbing.


  • the effect is achieved after double cleaning;
  • some fabrics lose their color.

The price of the composition is about 400 rubles per 0.5 liter bottle.

Users rate the cleaner highly. They consider it one of the best in the segment.


Dry cleaning FENOM FN406
Affordable and effective foam is in great demand. The product was created in a joint production of Russia and China. It acts mainly on organic pollution, and copes with oily stains only in 10% of cases.

The formula includes:

  • Surfactants;
  • purified water;
  • propellant.

The product is applied directly to the upholstery and pushes dirt out within a few minutes.


  • high efficiency for certain types of stains;
  • absence of foreign odors;
  • low cost (about 200 rubles).


  • quickly begins to delaminate in the cylinder;
  • small volume - only 300 ml.

Users like the composition, but they often mention its uneconomical nature. Therefore, it is not suitable for general cleaning of the entire interior.

Hi-Gear HG5204

Dry dry cleaning Hi-Gear HG5204
Fast and effective cleaning is the main purpose of the product. It comes in aerosol form and has an air purifying effect.

The product is often purchased by professionals as it removes all types of stains. And the result comes in the shortest possible time.

Among the components of the product are surfactants, absorbents and chemicals that dissolve various compounds. Apply the composition to a surface moistened with water and, after rubbing, remove it with a vacuum cleaner or brush.


  • tissue restoration;
  • giving the material brightness;
  • ability to lift pile;
  • antistatic effect;
  • water-repellent properties;
  • softening.


  • high cost (up to 1000 rubles in the regions);
  • spoils plastic, leather and suede.

In general, buyers rate the purifier positively. But many people notice that it is quite possible to find an analogue at a more budget price.

Runway RW6099

Runway RW6099
A multi-functional product suitable for car interior cleaning and home cleaning. It is even suitable for all types of fabric, including velor. The manufacturer produces the product in aerosol form in a 0.5 liter container.

RW6099 acts delicately, since it contains no aggressive components. The cleaner is sprayed from a distance of 30 cm and after 30 seconds can be removed with a napkin. There is no need to pre-wet the surface. Fresh stains do not require rubbing, but old dirt will need to be rubbed a little with a brush or sponge.


  • fast action;
  • antistatic properties;
  • refreshes the air.


  • high consumption;
  • fakes are common.

In auto stores the product is sold for 300-400 rubles.

Buyers like the composition. They often note in reviews its high efficiency and ease of use.


  • What you need to clean the interior
  • Preparation
  • Ceiling
  • Plastic
  • Seat upholstery Coffee stains
  • Mud stains
  • Oily stains
  • Blood stains
  • Cases
  • Doors
  • Floor
  • Finish
  • You can make your salon shine on your own without paying for expensive procedures. The main thing is to stock up on time, rags, brushes and chemicals, which are sold at any gas station for 200-300 rubles. Moreover, when professionally dry cleaning a salon, the same set is used.

    How to make your own dry cleaning liquid

    Despite the huge selection of auto chemicals in specialized stores and on online platforms, up to 15% of motorists prefer to make cleaning products with their own hands. Similar liquids:

    • easy to prepare;
    • are cheap;
    • safe.

    For the simplest composition you will need:

    • liquid soap;
    • food vinegar (9%);
    • mineral water rich in salts.

    The cooking algorithm is as follows:

    • take a convenient container;
    • pour 200 grams of liquid soap into it (you can take the most inexpensive soap);
    • mix with the same amount of vinegar;
    • dilute a little with mineral water.

    After bringing the composition to a homogeneous consistency, you can begin cleaning. But in the process, take into account the advice of experts:

    • do not add abrasives to homemade auto chemicals - they can damage the upholstery;
    • do not use hard or plastic brushes - they easily tear fabric fibers and leave scratches;
    • Take soft cloths for cleaning - microfiber sets work well.

    What you need for cleaning

    The process of cleaning leather seats starts with the right cleaning material. Dishwashing liquid, car washes and multi-purpose cleaners can damage seats by stripping the oils that give leather its softness and shine. Most auto parts stores sell lotions, sprays, or wipes that can clean and condition leather car seats in one simple step. Once you've chosen your leather cleanser, it's time to get to work.

    Folk remedies for cleaning seats and car interiors

    It is not always possible for a car owner to use professional chemicals for cleaning. In such cases, you should not wait until the stain is absorbed or dries - you can quickly get rid of the stains using improvised means:

    1. Regular shampoo. Take one part shampoo and twenty parts water and mix in a container with a cap. Shake well and you'll get a homemade foam for cleaning the car interior.
    2. Washing powder. Dilute it with water in a 1:1 ratio and shake until a dense layer of foam appears.
    3. Vinegar essence. Pour a teaspoon of vinegar and a glass of plain water at room temperature into a container with a lid. Shake and apply to the stain (the composition is excellent at removing traces of alcoholic beverages).
    4. Ethyl alcohol (90%). This option has a narrow purpose - lipstick and ink stains. Alcohol will not cope with other types of pollution.

    You can also use ammonia. It is relevant for removing traces of:

    • coffee and tea;
    • fruit.

    Folk remedies are most effective on fresh stains.

    What homemade compounds can be used to clean the car interior?

    If you urgently need to clean the interior, but you don’t have the necessary jars at hand and the opportunity to buy them, then folk methods will come to the rescue:

    1. The leather interior can be washed with a solution of water and laundry soap.
    2. A solution of vinegar and water will remove fresh alcohol stains.
    3. Ammonia is also a popular stain remover - it cleans up spilled coffee well.
    4. An alcohol solution removes ink.

    Small lifehacks:

    1. After winter, road reagents settle on the car body. It is not always possible to wash them off with foam, so hand washing with a sponge is recommended. First, wash off the dust and sand from the car body (at home this can be done with a hose). The next stage is to make a solution and wash the car with a sponge using top-to-bottom movements.
    2. About washing car rims. Dust from brake pads, dirt, carbon deposits, and bitumen accumulate on the discs. It is necessary to wash the discs by rubbing the product firmly with a sponge. After processing the discs, they must be rinsed under running water.

    Dry cleaning a car dealership is a simple procedure that any driver can handle on his own if he has the necessary tools. After spending a few hours cleaning your car, you will return it to its original attractive appearance, and the smell of freshness will last for a long time.

    Benefits of cleaning your car at home

    Up to 70% of car owners prefer to do dry cleaning themselves, citing a number of advantages of this method:

    • minimal costs - the cost of the procedure includes only the cost of purchasing a cleaning product;
    • quick results - on average, a vehicle owner takes 2-3 hours for a comprehensive cleaning;
    • accessibility - you can remove a stain at any time;
    • high quality - doing the work yourself, the car enthusiast can be confident in the result.

    Car dry cleaning equipment

    To figure out which machine is needed for dry cleaning the car interior , you should look at the stages of the cleaning itself. Here they highlight:

    1. The first stage is dry cleaning of the interior. A vacuum cleaner and other tools are used here to remove debris and dust. Car owners often independently purchase small car vacuum cleaners, with which they carry out regular cleaning.

    2. The second stage is dry cleaning using the wet method. A special device is used here - a pneumatic gun, with which chemicals are sprayed.

    As a rule, such equipment may not be useful for self-cleaning if the car owner decides to clean the interior by hand.

    3. The third stage is presented as the completion of all the work done - drying surfaces that were slightly or even heavily moistened in the second stage.

    A vacuum cleaner operating in reverse mode is also used here. Heating the air sometimes leads to quick drying of the interior, literally in a minute.

    Vacuum cleaners for drying the interior are also purchased by car owners, because there is no way to wait for the surfaces to dry on their own; this may take several days, and in humid weather the idea will not come true at all.

    Proper dry cleaning of the interior, video:

    Dry cleaning at home: important steps

    Self-cleaning is carried out according to certain rules. If they are followed, the result will always be successful.

    Preparing a car for dry cleaning

    Before dry cleaning, place the car in a convenient place near an outlet and turn it off. Now you need:

    • remove scattered items from the interior and trunk;
    • remove the seat covers;
    • pull out the rugs and shake them out;
    • wipe surfaces from dust;
    • vacuum the interior;
    • blow dust out of places that are difficult to reach in any other way.

    Important! Under no circumstances should the ceiling be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In this case, the layer between the ceiling and the upholstery will be damaged.

    Cleaning technology

    Before starting cleaning, it is necessary to divide the interior into sectors and treat each in accordance with the existing features.

    SectorSuitable remedyAuxiliary ToolsAlgorithm of actionsPeculiarities
    CeilingAerosolsMicrofiber cloth, paperCover the windows with paper Divide the ceiling into 4 sectors Apply the product to one sector Wait about 20 seconds Wipe off any dirt that appears with a napkin Continue using the same algorithm on other sectorsCeiling upholstery is susceptible to moisture, so cleaning must be done quickly. It is important to monitor the condition of the napkin - a damp cloth will leave streaks
    Doors, dashboard and consoleSelected according to the nature of the upholsteryMicrofiber applicator and wipesDisassemble handles, switches, buttons Wipe fastening points with a dry cloth Clean fabric inserts with the compound Switch to plastic elementsCompositions with silicone are contraindicated for these areas. The power window control buttons are particularly sensitive, so it is important to protect them from water.
    SeatsAny of the types of upholstery suitableBrushes, sponges and napkinsDivide the total area into sectors Start cleaning from the ends Apply the product first to areas of heavy dirt Rub Wait the time interval according to the instructions Remove the composition along with the dirt Wipe the surface with a dry clothThe abundance of moisture will not allow the car to be used for 4-5 days until it is completely dry.
    FloorFoamBrushes, sponges, cloths and vacuum cleanerApply the cleaning agent Leave for the required time Wipe off the foam with a dry cloth Vacuum clean If necessary, repeat the procedureRugs are cleaned and dried separately.
    GlassCleaning compounds for windowsMicrofiber cloths or special brushesWash as usual
    PolishingPolishesNapkinsApply the composition Thoroughly rub into the surface Remove any remaining polish with a dry cloth

    The procedure ends with drying. It is done with doors and windows open. On average, this takes up to seven hours. But the time interval is individual - it depends on the weather, the degree of interior moisture and the type of upholstery.


    Throw away the trash. Papers, bags, advertising brochures, bottles, old newspapers should not interfere with cleaning the car interior.

    Remove the floor mats from the car. Shake rubber ones out immediately and wash them afterwards. Clean fabric ones with a stiff brush, then vacuum. Next, set the mats aside in a clean, dry place and begin cleaning.

    We start cleaning the interior from the top. To begin with, vacuum. If somewhere the dirt does not want to leave the heated place, use a compressed air cylinder. These cans are used to clean keyboards, processors and other computer components.

    Next, move on to the areas: ceiling, seat upholstery (covers), doors, floor, plastic. Each zone is cleaned separately; dirt from the ceiling is not smeared onto the seats and vice versa.

    Criteria for choosing a good car interior cleaner

    How to clean natural leather, leatherette and fabric upholstery in a car? Each car owner usually chooses a product for himself through trial and error. But it is still more advisable to rely on key parameters:

    • appointment;
    • validity periods;
    • method of application.

    By purpose they are distinguished:

    • means for regular and quick cleaning - they are universal and equally gentle on all types of surfaces, but they are difficult to deal with old stains;
    • special compositions for fibrous coatings - fabrics such as velor and carpet materials quickly absorb liquids and oily substances, so only high-pile products can remove them;
    • for cleaning leather - this group contains a huge number of products for each type of upholstery (smooth or textured leather, substitute, suede), which means you need to carefully study the instructions.

    Based on their duration of action, cleaners are divided into two groups. The compositions from the first remove stains in a maximum of 5 minutes. They are suitable for:

    • removing fresh contaminants;
    • cleaning a small space.

    Long-lasting products give a very good effect and help to carry out comprehensive dry cleaning of the interior.

    When choosing auto chemicals, it is important to decide on application methods:

    • liquid formulations in regular bottles require preliminary application to a cloth and then rubbing into the stain;
    • aerosols are sprayed quickly, and manufacturers usually equip them with nozzles that allow you to determine the desired mode;
    • Foam products are easy to apply and have good penetration into the upholstery, but they are not fast-acting.

    Important! Car experts recommend purchasing 2-3 cleaning products at the same time, which are suitable for different cases - fast-acting, universal and comprehensive, intended for general cleaning of the vehicle.


    Dust in the cabin accumulates on plastic parts. To remove it, wipe the elements with a slightly damp lint-free cloth. Or apply a special plastic cleaner to a sponge and wipe the parts with it.

    The main thing is that there should not be a lot of moisture. Excess liquid will easily flow into buttons or gaps between elements, which can cause damage.

    Which car interior cleaner is better to buy?

    So which lineup is better than the rest? Before purchasing, consider the main selection parameters - the nature of the contamination, the type of upholstery and the time allotted for cleaning. Depending on the listed criteria, take a closer look at the following tools:

    • Runway RW6099 is ideal for dry interior treatment;
    • Autoprofi - owners of fabric interiors believe that this brand has no analogues, and often opt for products that provide an antistatic effect;
    • Turtle Wax Luxe Leather is the safest and most effective composition for leather;
    • Grass Universal-cleaner is a universal option suitable for quickly cleaning surfaces.

    Properly selected auto chemicals are the key to a long service life of the interior and its invariably presentable appearance. And products from the TOP will help car owners keep it in perfectly clean condition.


    Wash the car ceiling completely at once. If you wash in parts, streaks will remain.

    Apply a cleaner to the ceiling to loosen the stains. Wait 10 minutes and remove dirt with a dry microfiber cloth. You should not use a vacuum cleaner - the ceiling may simply peel off.

    You cannot wash the ceiling with powder! It will eat into the fabric if it is not rinsed thoroughly. Particles of powder will remain in the upholstery and turn yellow. In addition, there will be a smell that will intensify in the heat.

    While the ceiling is drying, work on the plastic.

    How to protect the car interior after dry cleaning?

    Preventative measures
    There are some recommendations that will help you keep your car dealership in good shape:

    • use protective compounds that give a satin/matte surface and preserve the original factory appearance of the interior . Such compositions protect against fading and ultraviolet rays. It is better not to use silicone-based products, as they create a shiny film (it attracts dust) and look unnatural. To apply the protective agent to plastic, use a special applicator or microfiber, and do not do it in a very thick layer. It is advisable to apply the composition first to the applicator/towel and then rub it - if you do this directly, the layer will turn out sticky and thick;
    • Do not apply any protection to the pedals , otherwise they will become slippery;
    • Carpet and fabric coverings have their own protective agents . Apply them to dry and clean material to make subsequent cleaning easier and prevent stains. Spray in small quantities on seats, rugs, carpet, so that dirt and moisture will not be absorbed into them;
    • Leather seats will last longer and remain soft after being treated with a protective compound . If the leather is new, just a gentle wash is necessary. But if the leather has been used for ten to twenty years, then you already need to apply conditioner and a protective layer to it;

    Interior leather care

    • finally, there are protective compounds for rubber seals , thanks to which they retain elasticity.

    Actually, that’s all you need to know about interior dry cleaning. If you look closely, you will immediately notice the difference between what the car dealership was like and what it has become! Without serious financial expenses, the car became fresh and clean! All that remains is to open all the windows/doors to ventilate the interior from chemical odors. And remember: the key to a car’s longevity is regular and proper care!

    Regular cleaning is very important

    How to clean car upholstery made from different materials

    Let's look in more detail at how to clean a particular upholstery material.

    How to clean plastic inside a car

    First you need to clean the surface of plastic parts from dirt without using auto chemicals - for example, with a napkin. After this, use any car plastic polish. Compositions from Hi-Gear, AVS and Runway have proven themselves well. But, judging by reviews from motorists, almost all polishes from well-known brands do a good job of improving the appearance of plastic parts.

    How to clean leather interior

    To clean the skin you will need special products. Aerosols (such as Runway or Hi-Gear) are commonly used. Also, some car enthusiasts use liquid products from DoctorWax. You can use special wipes with natural wax, which will allow you to quickly clean and add shine to leather interior elements.

    How to clean the fabric interior of a car

    Special upholstery cleaners are used for fabrics. These products are sold in cylinders, bottles with a mechanical sprayer or cans with a convenient brush attachment.

    How to clean eco-leather in a car interior

    Eco-leather is more sensitive to chemicals than natural leather or synthetic substitutes. Therefore, to clean it, it is better to use wet wipes or simple non-aggressive products without alkali and chlorine. Regular soap solution will also work.

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